Yuko (yuko_hakubi) wrote in yoken,

Perhaps this isn't the place to be asking, but I'm submitting a Yohji/Ken fic for this year's Weiss Kreuz Novella competition; I am in desperate need of a beta in order to meet seraphim_grace's requirements. If you're interested, I really need someone to help me catch typoes/inconsistencies, bounce ideas off of and so forth.

So if you're interested, please email me at yukohakubi@hotmail.com

(Mods, if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete.)
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I'll glady be your beta, if you'd like
Thank you so, SO MUCH. *bows* I really need the help or it will be a work of utter crap; I just can't stand to do that to our boys.

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Oh, that's perfectly fine; I've got finals the next week so I won't get to it until then.

The email I provided above is the same as my msn IM too, so I will see you around the 9th!
I got Finals for the next two weeks, too XD And a gigantic Exam... DUN DUN DUN

And all righty! *grins* See you then!