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Umm...if you guys haven't found a Ken yet, I am interested. ^_^; I've never gotten to rp him before...and yet he's my fave character in Weiss. *sweatdrop*
It's been forever since I've gotten to rp. ^_^ So if it's ok, I'd like to at least try to be KenKen...that is, if you haven't found anyone yet.

yes! please do! jump on it before his character is gone! ^___^
gomen-ne... looks like someone beat you to it... but, we could use a Manx... or one of Schwartz... if your still interrested taht is.
*Blink* I don't suppose there are any bishies left? T_T
well... if you consider kawaii little Nagi to be a bishie.... made up characters are welcome too... could always invent your own bishie...
Hm...sure! No one's taken him yet? Poor boi! do we do this? I've done rps and LJ rpgs before, all yaoi XP and through MSN. Or do you guys just banter back and forth through LJ. Anything goes as far as I'm concerned. And-and poor Nagi! T___T After reading through the story you guys have, you are all mean to Nagi and Ken!! T________T There better be some damn good make-up sex! XDD
Yeah. I've been the holder of the Nagi doll for a while. And I've been kinda needing to pass him off.... It'll be sad to see him go... but... so long as your good to Omittchi... Inquire w/ phantoms_angel_ on the rules. She's the head-mod. I'm just the messenger.