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Random Upcoming Fic Announcement

Just wanted to let all you YoKen fans out there on a upcoming fancition. LadyofShadow and I have teamed up and are working on a joint YoKen Weiss Kreuz/Forgotten Realms fanfiction. If anyone one is familiar with the Forgotten Realms (and more importantly the Drow) you may find this interesting. We have only been working on this for the past few days and I am going to wait untill we have at least 100 pages before I start putting it into story format (at the moment it is in script form) and chaptering it. From there I will be posting it under my authors name of NightMaiden02 at (that is unless LadyofShadow (Shadowgirl1 at beats me to it). Untill then feel free to check out the few Weiss Stories that LadyofShadow (she has two posted) and I (I saddly only have 1 up at the moment) have posted at

Basic Summary of Story: What if when the tower fell the left over power from the 3 Elders opened a gate to another world trapping Yohji and Ken in this new world.

There is going to be just about everything in this story folks. You'll get your humour, sap, fulff, angst, torture, shounen-ai, and much more.

I'll give another post when the first chapter is ready to be psoted.

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That sounds really interesting!!! Hurry hurry! I wanna read it!