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Doujin auction!

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I'm English, so I can't try and get the doujin (curses!) but I felt the following rather had to be stated:


That is all.
Why can't you try to get the doujin? I can sell it overseas if you want. Shipping would be a bit more though.

^_^ Thanks! I got it from a different doujin, scanned, colored and animated it. I like yours too. I love that picture.
I am sadly used to expensive shipping. It said on the site you didn't ship overseas, though, which is why I didn't try and get it. (I want it, though. I want it a lot.) I'm quite prepared to pay the extra.

I don't think I'm registered with paypal and it takes forever to get a card validated. But you take money orders, so... well, I should be able to do that.

... ack, I've just done the Buy it Now thing. I am weak. How much more would you want me to pay?
Sure, I can take a money order. I think i can actually get it shipped for around 7.50, and if not... I'll make up the rest. So, it'll be 22.50. ^_^

I can take a MO, sure!

....can i add you? You seem to be an awesome person. =D Ken lovers unite!!!
I think I've managed to get Paypal working, so I've sent you $22.50 via Paypal instead. Much simpler for all given the existence of the Atlantic ocean. Let me know if anything went wrong with the payment, it should have worked though since I - uh, shameful confession time - went and bought some more doujinshi on eBay as well a few hours later, and the girl I bought them from has already recieved the payment.

Feel free to add me: I ask only that I get to add you back, because that seems the fairest arrangement. And YES. People like us need to stick together.

*adds preemptively*
BTW, I had a peeky-peek at your icons, and I love 'em! You have a love for Kenken too, huh? ^_^ He's pretty much my favorite anime character ever.
*wonders how much mileage there would be in denying the obvious*

... uh, yeah. I have no idea where it came from, when he's absolutely nothing like the characters I normally find myself flipping for and it confused the hell out of me for the longest time, but - yeah. I have a small obsession with Ken which manifests itself in random acts of fanfiction and wanting to make icons. Lots of them. Because very few icon makers out there seem to notice Ken and even when they do they don't make the icons I like, so... yeah, I'm obsessed. I try not to let on, though. Well, not outside eljay, anyway.

(I also have a somewhat smaller, more long-standing, but comparable love for Youji, though I have no idea where the YoKen fixation comes from. I seem to remember finding them cute together long before I even noticed Ken, but since there's barely any fic out there I have no idea why...)

I had to do much the same with the picture in that icon I used for my first comment, by the way - the colorization, I mean. I also had to cheat a bit and move Ken a bit closer to Youji because otherwise they didn't want to fit in the frame at all nicely. I didn't think they'd mind much, though. I have the full-scale colored image on my photobucket account (I think) if you wanted it, and if not it's easy enough to get it up there - I can give you the link if you like.

Incidentally, any and all my icons are eminently stealable.
I would love a link! ^_^
Oh yeah, and before I forget:

(I was going to post the link, but Hell, it's not like this isn't the place for this.)

I love this picture. The art's by... um... some doujinshi circle whose name I can no longer recall. Colorization was by me and this was only my second real attempt to do something like this, so - well, I think it came out okay, all things considered. Besides, I wanted to icon it and it wouldn't have worked in black and white.