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Yoken fics

A couple days ago I acted as my friend's moral/emotional support as she went in for a jury summons for jury duty. I waited for her in a hallway for 6.5 hours and wrote some fics in her honor to make her feel better and to help pass the time. This is what happens when Yohji sits in a courthouse waiting for her Ken Ken to be free of jury duty...

This first fic was written during Hour 1 and amused me for several hours:

Summary: One-shot. Nothing quite like a morning in the Weiss household, with Yohji and Ken, to put a smile on your face. Hilarity is bound to ensue.

"Of Mornings and Muffins"


Angst/fluff fic written during Hour 6 after a request for such a subject:

Summary: One-shot. Mission and post-mission causes two men of Weiss to turn to each other for reassurance. YoKen: shounen ai and angst


Hope you enjoy and feel free to drop a review. *winks*
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